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#365Reasons for McDonald's

Social Media


Idea McDonald's already runs a lot of initiatives to support more sustainable sourcing, however, teens and twens do not know about these activities. So instead of showing self-referring imagery and imitations of the social surrounding of young people, we went on a year-long mission to challenge them to come to grips with McDonald's. The overarching promise: 365 days long, 365 reasons to go to McDonald's. Inside this creative territory, we went to discover facts instead of giving empty catchwords. We learned about food quality, new products, but also took current events. We used Instagram as our HUB for our daily good reasons for McDonald's. From "because we use 100% green electricity in our restaurants” to "because you forgot that today is a bank holiday and you're fridge is empty" we posted relevant stories in a fun and entertaining way. To keep track, we developed a trust score to keep track of our campaign.
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